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Most of us do not naturally enjoy the sparkling smile of movie stars and fashion models. Unfortunately, for many of us, age, diet and genetics have tarnished or faded our teeth, detracting from our self-esteem and jeopardizing our self-confidence. Fortunately, all of our offices are proud to feature the ZOOM! ADVANCED

POWER WHITENING SYSTEM, as featured on the ABC television hit series, Extreme Makeover.
ZOOM! ADVANCED POWER WHITENING is a revolutionary teeth whitening procedure that is ideal for anyone looking for a dazzling smile, and itís so fast that it can be accomplished on your lunch hour! Imagine, the white teeth you deserve in just one hour; safe, effective, long lasting and very fast. The convenience of ZOOM!

ADVANCED POWER WHITENING in comparison to days of using messy strips or bulky trays makes it the perfect choice for the busy individual.

While other whitening systems can take weeks to months before you see results that may only be 1 to 5 shades lighter, ZOOM! ADVANCED POWER WHITENING is completed in one hour with an average of 8 shades lighter.

Not only is the ZOOM! ADVANCED POWER WHITENING procedure simple and fast, itís also relaxing in our whitening suite. The procedure begins with a heated massaging chair, a light blanket for cozy comfort and the sounds of soothing music playing in the background.


Aromatherapy candles help carry you away from the stresses of the day while our dental hygienist gently applies a moisturizing vitamin E to you lips. After a short preparation procedure to isolate your lips and gums, a whitening gel designed specifically for use with the ZOOM! System is applied to your teeth. The ZOOM! Light is positioned and together with the whitening gel they work to dissolve years of stain and discoloration on the teeth. The gel is applied three times in fifteen minute intervals.  A five minute fluoride  treatment completes the procedure. Youíll be amazed by the results.




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