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Let Dr. Gregory Dodd’s experience with full mouth reconstruction put your mind at ease. We can help you achieve the smile of your dreams, in minimal visits, using the highest quality materials. Dr. Dodd is the only dentist within a 90 mile radius who is a sustaining member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. Why go elsewhere when you can go to the best?

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This case was completed by Gregory P. Dodd DDS FAGD

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Happy Thanksgiving

Our office wants to offer our warmest and most sincere thanks to all of the wonderful people and families that entrust us with their dental care.  We also want to say thank you to the greatest staff for all of their hard work and dedication throughout the year.   Our offices are truly lucky to be surrounded by such talented, empathetic and selfless professionals and we are honored to serve this great community.  Family Dentistry is more than just treating your family, it’s about making patients part of our family.  We wish everyone a joyous Thanksgiving Day and a heartfelt ‘Thank You’.  Enjoy!

Advanced Education with Spear Education

Drs. Kelly Herbs and Gregory Dodd returned this week from a trip out to the renowned Scottsdale Center for Dentistry affiliated with Spear Education. Unlike the usual advanced education courses this selective conference brought together the leaders of the Spear Study Clubs and Faculty Club members nationally for a three day intensive seminar on the latest in cosmetic and restorative dentistry. Our practice understands the importance of lifetime learning. We also understand how lucky we are to serve this great community and our wonderful patients. We take this responsibility seriously and strive to deliver the highest quality care.

The Art of the Composite Veneer

Many patients may not like something about their smile. Often times, patients won’t look into correcting the problem because they assume the solution is difficult, expensive and time consuming. However, often times the solution is easier than you think.

This patient was unhappy with the bonding (white fillings) on her lateral teeth (the two smaller teeth adjacent to her front teeth). She felt the bonding was yellow and the teeth appeared short. She lived with the bonding for years fearing a solution would be too involved.


Our composite veneers are done in a single visit using a layering technique that involves as many as 6 different types of bonding to achieve the right balance of translucency and match any characterizations (such as white spots) that the natural teeth may have. Using a pre-made guide both the dentist and the patient can visualize the final result before anything is done to the teeth. The final results are beautiful, natural teeth achieved affordably and quickly. Notice even at high magnification it’s impossible to differentiate between the natural adjacent teeth and the composite veneer.

Not happy with your smile? We are here to help. We look forward to giving you a reason to smile.

 All photos published to this blog are actual patients of Saratoga Springs Dentists. This case was completed by Dr. Gregory P. Dodd DDS FAGD

Keeping Your Orthodontics Clean

Orthodontic treatment (i.e. braces and retainers) is a great way to improve your smile.  However, having the extra hardware in your mouth makes home care difficult.  If not properly cleansed, these appliances will trap food and bacteria that can lead to decay and gum disease if left untreated.  In the case below, a patient had significant calculus accumulations around a lower fixed retainer.  After a good cleaning, the gums have returned to a happy and healthy state.


Little Details Make Big Differences

We all have things about ourselves that we wish we could change.  Subtle changes can sometimes make dramatic differences.  This patient had a beautiful smile, to many people it probably looked just fine.  However, this patient was unhappy with her undersized laterals which had been built up by a previous dentist with bonding.  Additionally, she disliked the white spots on her front teeth.  She made the decision to place very conservative veneers on the four front teeth to improve the cosmetics.  The final result was beautiful and natural.  Subtle changes that made a drastic difference.  If you have something about your teeth that you wish you could change, talk with one of our dental specialists today — the answer may be easier than you think.
 All photos published to this blog are actual patients of Saratoga Springs Dentists. This case was completed by Dr. Gregory P. Dodd.

Brush if by Land, Floss if by Sea

Most people remember Paul Revere for his famed midnight ride, which took place 239 years ago this week.  But there’s a lot more to the story of this American Patriot.
Did you know that Paul Revere was also a highly skilled dentist and became the first forensic dentist in American history?
Paul Revere learned the silversmith trade from his father and quickly developed a reputation for being a highly skilled artisan around the Boston area.  However, in the early 1760′s, an English “dental surgeon” named John Baker arrived in the colonies and taught the eager Revere how to create and insert false teeth (usually made of ivory).  Interestingly, it was actually John Baker who made George Washington’s false teeth not Paul Revere as some have speculated.
On June 17, 1775, while in the throughs of the Revolutionary War, a Massachusetts Major General, named Joseph Warren was killed at the famous battle of Bunker Hill.  It was actually Major General Warren who had sent Paul Revere on his famous “midnight ride” to Lexington earlier that same year.
At the time of the battle, Warren’s body was buried in a mass grave by the British.  Once the territory was again occupied by the American troops, Warren’s family sought to find his body and give him a proper burial.  Unfortunately, by this time, the corpses had so badly decayed they became nearly impossible to tell apart — until Revere spotted one that was wearing a dental prosthetic he’d built to replace two of Warren’s teeth a few years earlier.
According to the National Museum of Health and Medicine, “Revere’s confirmation of General Warren’s identity was the first instance in this country of an identification of a military service member using dental remains.”
By this time you may be wondering why is there a picture of a Samuel Adams Beer label if this is an article about Paul Revere.  Because, the portrait proudly displayed on the label is not of Samuel Adams as you may expect but actually of Paul Revere.  There are many theories and speculations as to why the brewers choose to use the likeness of Revere instead of Adams, maybe we will never know for certain.
Paul Revere — American Patriot, Forensic Dentist, Beer Spokesmodel

Thank You!!

Yesterday was an incredible day of family fun, fundraising and great hockey. Queensbury Family Dentistry, in combination with Vicki Dodd and Saratoga Springs Publishing, raised over $600 for Glens Falls Hospital. Drs. Gregory Dodd and Alex Choe along with our hygienist, Christin Boeckman gave away over 800 oral hygiene kits, including toothbrushes and floss, to children at the game.
In the end, our Adirondack Phantoms won a 4-3 thriller over our arch rivals, the Albany Devils. Over 25 of our staff members and their families attended the game to cheer on the victory. Thank you to everyone who attended the event and helped to make it such a success.


You Will Be Missed!

For over 24 years, patients to our Saratoga Springs office have been greeted at the front desk by the familiar face of Ann Rizzo.  Unfortunately, with a sad heart, we wish Ann a happy retirement.

Ann started out in the medical profession as a nurse, working primarily in pediatrics and surgery.  She also was an EKG technician.  Later she worked 10 years in a family medical practice before making the switch to dentistry and joining our team.  In Ann’s 24 year career, she has become an indispensible asset with a vast knowledge of insurance and expertise in practice management.  Any time there was a question, everyone knew Ann would have an answer.  Her kind heart and compassion for others was always on display and her wisdom (and baking) will not be easily replaced.

Hopefully, now Ann will have the time in her life to dedicate to the things that are truly important.  Ann is a dedicated mother of two and proud grandparent to five wonderful grandchildren.  

Ann is a big reason our practice is successful and her contributions will be missed immensely.  We wish her the best in her new life.  Stay in touch and good luck.