Can You Spot the Tooth with the Crown?

Many times in dentistry the need arises to crown or cap a front tooth.  Extensive decay, previous trauma, root canal treatment or cosmetic improvements are just a few of the common reasons a crown may be recommended by your dentist.   Patient’s are typically concerned that the crowns will be bulky and obvious.  Many times we hear our patient’s say; “My coworker has a crown and it’s all gray at the gum and looks dead” or “My friend has crowns and they look too big for her mouth”.  In all of our offices, our dentists strive to deliver realistic, natural and beautiful restorations.

So, the question is, which tooth has the crown in the photo shown above?  Actually, this patient is wearing three crowns (her right front tooth, lateral tooth and canine tooth, as indicated by the red arrows in the photo below).   All three of these teeth had suffered trauma in the past and needed root canal therapy as a result.  This was an exceptionally challenging case because the patient did not wish to change the look of her other natural teeth.  Therefore, the restorations needed to blend the restored right side of her mouth with the natural left side without the appearance of any asymmetry.  In order to achieve this goal, it means more than matching the shade of the tooth, it also means matching the shape, the emergence profile, the characterization of each tooth to match the opposite side perfectly.  This case was completed over three years ago and still looks perfect today, notice the excellent gum health.



If you or someone you know is avoiding needed dental treatment, come and talk with our caring and professional staff.  We understand your concerns and are here to help.  We strive to deliver beautiful, healthy, painless and functional restorations.  Health and beauty can be achieved together.   We are your Family Dentist.

 All photos published to this blog are actual patients of Saratoga Springs Dentists. This cases were completed by Dr. Gregory P. Dodd.

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