Cold Weather and Sensitive Teeth

The cold winter winds are upon us again.  For many people this means increased pain associated with tooth sensitivity.  Tooth sensitivity is a sensation felt when the nerves inside the teeth are irritated by exposure to the environment.  Typically, extremes in temperature, cold air and even tooth brushing may elicit this quick and very painful response.

Although tooth sensitivity can be caused by a variety of factors including cavities and night grinding, it is most often caused by gum recession and subsequent root exposure.

As shown by the black arrow, this patient has gum recession likely as a result of brushing too hard.  As the gums recede, the root of the tooth is exposed to the environment.  The root of the tooth lacks the protective enamel coating, exposing the nerves of the tooth and resulting in pain particularly with cold air and cold liquids.  Many patients have reported having to give up some of their favorite foods and drinks simply because they don’t want to suffer from the sensitivity.

Our offices may be able to offer a unique and helpful perspective if you are suffering with tooth hypersensitivity.  Dr. Gregory Dodd spent many years working as a scientist studying different ways to treat sensitive teeth.  In 1998, Dr. Gregory Dodd was honored by Block Drug Company, makers of Sensodyne, Poli-grip, Poli-dent and numerous prescription dental products, as “Scientist of the Year” for his innovative research into the treatment of dentinal hypersensitivity (tooth sensitivity).

Dr. Dodd’s inventions lead directly to the launch of a New and Improved Maximum Strength Sensodyne Toothpaste in the United States and Sensodyne Duo overseas. (US Patent #6,241,972).  Additionally, he holds patents that were used in prescription oral care formulations for the treatment of tooth sensitivity (US Patent #6,592,853) and a patent for a novel desensitizing agent that promoted remineralization of the root surface (US 20020037258).

By having such a good understanding of the condition and the treatments available, our Dentists and Hygienists are uniquely qualified to help you treat this painful condition.  If you or someone you know suffers from tooth sensitivity let us know, we would be happy to help.  Because NOBODY should have to give up ice cream!

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