This week, our own Dr. Dodd visited Mrs. DiLandro’s Kindergarten class at Lake Avenue elementary school in Saratoga Springs in honor of National Dental Health month.  The students were perfect; enthusiastic and full of questions.  Dr. Dodd made them all honorary dentists for the day and taught them what to expect during a visit to the dentist.

They reviewed the best ways to take care of their teeth as well as proper food choices to promote good oral health.  In the end, each student left with their own spin brush and a dental goodie bag.  Kelsey Dodd even volunteered to be the patient for a mock dental exam.  It is important for a dentist to teach children good oral hygiene at an early age and show kids that there is nothing to fear about the dentist. Our offices always welcome the opportunity to give back to this great community. Hopefully the children had a lot of fun and learned plenty healthy habits.

Check out the video Dr. Dodd showed the class Dudley Visits the Dentist.  This video shows the children what to expect at a dental appointment and introduces them to the dental team and the instruments.


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