Staff Spotlight

The walls of her dental lab are covered with thank you notes and letters of gratitude. ”Thank you for giving me my smile back”, “Your compassion and kindness made a difficult process easy”, “I can eat again because of you”; these are just a few of the thousands of  kind words and praise for our own dental assistant and denture lab technician, Jodi Goff.

Jodi, a certified dental assistant, has been with our practice for over 20 years.  Jodi started her dental career in the Navy as a dental assistant. While in the Navy, Jodi studied dental laboratory focusing on denture design and development, learning from some of the leading experts in the field. Her expertise has resulted in thousands of happy patients.

Often times, patient’s with full dentures come to us feeling hopeless.  The transition to
full dentures can be difficult both mentally and physically. Jodi possess’s the uncanny ability to emphathize and relate to these patients.  She instantly makes everyone feel comfortable and hopeful.  She makes each patient feel like family developing the perfect fit and perfect function. Her knowledge and personality has been at the heart of our practice for many years and her compassion and patience continues to comfort all her patients through the denture process.

When not at the office or in her lab, Jodi can be found at her home training champion Irish Water Spaniels or at the Barn with her horses. Jodi has been riding American Saddle bred horses her entire life and has gained national recongnition.

If you or someone you know is in need of dentures or desperately seeking help for ill fitting teeth, call our practice and schedule an appointment today. 

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