Most of us don’t think of romance when thinking about our dental office but in honor of Valentine’s day, I will offer two stories that may just change your mind.


Tiffany is a hygienist in our Greenwich office.  After starting her career dental assisting, Tiffany decided to return to hygiene school, graduating from Hudson Valley in 2004.  Tiffany quickly found a home with us at Greenwich Family Dentistry.  Her love for the job and her patients was immediately evident.  Tim was a patient of the practice.  He would request early appointment times for his dental cleanings so that he could get to work.  Tiffany would often accommodate and come in early.  This early schedule meant that Tiffany would often need to skip breakfast.  Tim would return after his cleanings with breakfast for her and the staff.  One birthday, Tim arrived at the office with Tiffany’s favorite flowers.  A budding romance quickly ensued.  Today Tiffany and Tim are married and live in Greenwich with their two beautiful daughters Alexa and Mallory.  Tiffany is still a dedicated hygienist and often remarks that she has the greatest job because “everyday, I get to make someone’s smile a little brighter”.

♥ Laura and Joe


Laura and Joe (Dr. Johnstone and Dr. Denning), first met through mutual friends over 10 years ago.  They knew there was an instant connection, and surprisingly, they both already had the dream of becoming dentists.  Although they attended different undergraduate universities they remained together.  They both continued to pursue the goal of becoming dentists and both were accepted into Stonybrook School of Dental Medicine.  Despite the pressure and stress of dental school their love remained stronger than ever and were married in the fall of 2011.  After completing their residencies together, life’s path found its way to Saratoga Springs and our offices.  Today they have realized their dream of working together as part of our practice while having the privilege of serving this fantastic community.

So next time you think of that special romantic spot — it could be Paris, it could be the beach at sunset or maybe, just maybe, it could be your dental office.  Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone from your dental office!

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