We all know the power of a good first impression.  A new study conducted by Kelton Global shows that an attractive smile is overwhelmingly the best way to make a memorable first impression.  Forty-eight percent of Americans believe that a good smile is the most memorable feature after first meeting someone.  Twenty five percent of American’s believe a person’s conversational skill most affects the first impression while nine percent believe it’s the way a person dresses and eight percent claim the way a person smells most affects the initial encounter.  The survey also showed that some American’s view people with crooked or stained teeth as less attractive (37 percent) and less confident (25 percent) than those with perfect teeth.  More women than men (40 percent vs. 35 percent) say that an imperfect smile makes someone less appealing.

Our offices are waiting to help you improve your first impression.  While you may not get a second chance at a first impression, you can have a second chance at a beautiful smile.  Worried about what your teeth are saying about you?  Let any of our skilled staff discuss how to obtain the smile of your dreams.

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