The Family Dentistry Group Statement of Core Values

  • We will strive every single day to make a positive difference for our patients, our coworkers, our community, our society and this profession. Every single day.
  • Every patient will receive our full and unwavering customer commitment every appointment.
  • We will practice with the highest level of integrity.
  • Our offices will welcome diversity and be a sanctuary of respect, support and understanding. We commit to excellence by embracing our differences and not in spite of them.
  • We recognize our success relies on collaboration and the true belief that no one person is more important than the whole.
  • We are all in this together for a greater good than any of us can achieve individually.
  • Trust will be our cornerstone. Trust in ourselves, trust in each other, trust in our neighbors and our community. Trust that the right way is the successful way..
  • Individually, collectively, to the patients and the community we serve, we will always be accountable.