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Tips to Maintain Oral Health During Invisalign® Treatment

Saratoga Springs | 05/17/2024

Explore our practical tips for keeping your teeth and gums healthy while undergoing Invisalign® treatment.


How Often Should You Get a Dental Exam for Optimal Oral Health?

Saratoga Springs | 04/21/2024

Our team guides patients with recommendations and details about the significance of routine dental exams for maintaining good dental health.


How Can Parents Ensure Proper Dental Care for Their Children?

Saratoga Springs | 03/22/2024

Review tips for at-home dental care for kids to help your child keep their teeth clean and healthy between dental appointments.


How Effective Are Porcelain Veneers in Fixing Chipped or Damaged Teeth?

Saratoga Springs | 02/23/2024

If you have a chipped tooth or cracked tooth, porcelain veneers offer a convenient solution for restoring your smile.


Can Full-Mouth Reconstruction Address Multiple Dental Issues Simultaneously?

Saratoga Springs | 01/13/2024

If you have multiple cosmetic and/or functional dental issues that you’d like to have corrected all at once, consider a full-mouth restoration.


How Long Can Implant-Supported Dentures Last?

Saratoga Springs | 12/20/2023

Discover the many compelling benefits of implant-supported dentures, and find out how long you can enjoy these life-changing restorations.


How Often Should You Change Invisalign® Aligners?

Saratoga Springs | 11/18/2023

At regular intervals throughout your Invisalign treatment, you’ll switch to a new set of trays to help gradually straighten your teeth.


Three Questions to Ask Your Dentist at Your Next Dental Exam

Saratoga Springs | 10/16/2023

Prepare for your next dental exam and cleaning by bringing these three essential questions to your dentist.


How Often Should my Child Visit the Dentist?

Saratoga Springs | 09/29/2023

Bringing your child to the dentist regularly – and as recommended – is one of the most important things you can do for their dental and oral health.


How Can Veneers Change the Appearance of My Teeth?

Saratoga Springs | 08/18/2023

Porcelain veneers in Saratoga Springs, NY can enhance your smile by covering chips, cracks, stains, crooked teeth, and more.


How Can Full-Mouth Reconstruction Improve Overall Health?

Saratoga Springs | 07/30/2023

Full-mouth reconstruction includes multiple cosmetic and restorative dental procedures to improve not just your smile but also your overall health.


How To Care For Invisalign® Aligners


Discover how to care for Invisalign aligners at Saratoga Springs Family Dentistry in Saratoga Springs, NY for a confident smile.


The Importance of Regular Dental Cleanings for a Healthy Mouth

Dr. Gregory Dodd | 05/18/2023

Discover the importance of routine dental cleanings for a healthy mouth.


What's the Difference In Implant-supported Dentures vs. Traditional Dentures?

Saratoga Springs | 04/27/2023

Comparing the benefits of traditional dentures vs. implant-supported dentures to better understand which treatment may be right for you.


How Often Should I Have a Dental Exam?

Dr. Mark Franklin | 03/17/2023

Learn why it’s important to visit your dentist at least twice per year for a dental exam to catch cavities and other problems early.


Why Is Pediatric Dentistry Important?

Saratoga Springs | 02/28/2023

Find out how getting pediatric dental care early in life can set children up for a lifetime of good oral health.


How To Care for Veneers

Saratoga Springs | 01/31/2023

Learn how to take care of your veneers to ensure they last for years and look fantastic.


How Can I Care for My Mouth After Full-Mouth Reconstruction?

Saratoga Springs | 12/31/2022

Learn how to maintain your dazzling smile and oral health following a full-mouth reconstruction.


THRIVE - Emerging Leaders Reimagined

Saratoga Springs | 12/21/2022

THRIVE - Emerging Leaders Reimagined, an entrepreneurship development program that helps small businesses grow and expand.


What Foods and Drinks Stain Invisalign® Aligners?

Saratoga Springs | 11/30/2022

Learn how to take care of your Invisalign aligners and which foods to avoid to prevent staining.


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