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Do I Need To Be a Certain Age For Full Mouth Reconstruction?

Saratoga Springs | 04/22/2022

Full-mouth reconstruction can work for people of all stages of life, although some procedures may work better than others, depending on age.


Why You Should Consider Invisalign® Treatment Over Traditional Braces

Saratoga Springs | 03/25/2022

Invisalign treatment is based on proven technology that can help straighten your teeth with comfort and ease.


How Quickly Will My Teeth Move With Invisalign® Treatment?

Saratoga Springs | 02/26/2022

Invisalign aligners only move your teeth a fraction of an inch at a time for virtually painless, discreet results at an accelerated rate.


Can Implant-Supported Dentures Be Removed?

Saratoga Springs | 01/30/2022

Dentures are necessary for many patients in Saratoga Springs, NY. But some can work on implants that fit in your mouth.


Will Veneers Damage My Teeth?

Saratoga Springs | 12/28/2021

Porcelain veneers can cover problems like chipped teeth and tooth discoloration. Learn how dental veneers work and how they improve your oral health.


Are Dental Exams the Same as Dental Cleanings?

Saratoga Springs | 11/23/2021

Want healthy teeth? Now you can attend regular dental exams and teeth cleanings at our office. We can review the processes in detail here.


When Should I Take My Child to See A Pediatric Dentist?

Our Team | 08/28/2021

A family dentist or pediatric dentist can improve your child's oral health. Learn about the services they offer, including dental cleanings, here.


I Have Twisted Teeth. Will Invisalign® Aligners Straighten Them?

Our Team | 07/15/2021

Can you get orthodontic treatment if you have twisted or rotated teeth? Learn the pros and cons of clear aligners with the advanced Invisalign system.


Masks, Bad Breath, Facial Pain, and Anxiety

Dr. Gregory Dodd | 12/02/2020

In this blog, learn how to deal with all the dental issues that come with wearing a face mask.


Do You Feel Like Your Smile is Hopeless?


Learn how you change your smile for the better at Saratoga Springs Family Dentistry.


We love our patients and hope you love us too!


In this blog, you have a chance to win prizes in our February contest!


Happy Thanksgiving


From our office to your family, have a Happy Thanksgiving!


Advanced Education with Spear Education


In this post, learn what our doctors have been doing to bring you the best possible care.


The Art of the Composite Veneer


Learn how composite veneers can give you a smile that makes you happy.


Keeping Your Orthodontics Clean


Learn about the best way to keep your orthodontics clean.


Little Details Make Big Differences


In this blog, learn how the smallest changes can make the greatest impact on your smile.


Thank You!!

Dr. Gregory Dodd | 04/07/2014

Thank you to all who aided in the fundraiser and made it a success.


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