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About Dental Radiographs

Dental radiographs, typically known as dental x-rays, are an essential diagnostic tool. Without x-rays, our dental exams would be incomplete and problem areas may go undetected. Our practice understands your concerns over radiation exposure and that is why all of our offices feature digital x-rays. This allows for 90% less radiation and a clearer picture than the old films.

Dental x-rays may reveal:

  1. Infections and dental abscesses
  2. Bone loss
  3. Cancerous and noncancerous tumors
  4. Decay between the teeth (Interproximal decay)
  5. Developmental abnormalities
  6. TMJ (Tempromandibular Joint) disease
  7. Pathology in the neck and sinuses
  8. Eruption patterns
  9. Position of wisdom teeth
  10. Root abnormalities

Our dentists will determine the minimum number of x-rays required to thoroughly examine your dental health. We guarantee, as dental professionals, that the radiographs we require are being taken with your best interest in mind. Once a comprehensive radiographic review has been completed at your initial exam, recall patients will be asked to periodically update these radiographs. The timing for these is determined by the individual patient’s medical/dental health, dental exam, level of home care, signs/symptoms, and cavity pattern. Typically, new bitewing pictures (the x-rays that display decay between the teeth) are taken between 6 – 24 months, while new panoramic radiographs (the x-ray that displays the entire picture of the jaws, teeth, sinuses, and joints) will be taken between 3-5 years. By utilizing digital x-rays, images can be displayed on a computer monitor instead of a tiny piece of film, allowing zooming and enhancement for better diagnosis. Additionally, all of our treatment rooms are equipped with flat-panel high-definition televisions which allow the patient to visualize the picture helping to understand your dental condition. Through a clearer understanding of your dental condition, often apprehension about the procedure is reduced.

Dental X-Ray FAQs

How often should I get dental x-rays?
Here at Saratoga Springs Family Dentistry, we understand that each mouth that we treat has different needs. For our healthiest adults, getting x-rays every 2 – 3 years is typically sufficient unless a unique need arises between x-rays. Our patients who have had restorative dental work (such as implants, crowns, or fillers) may expect to need x-rays more frequently, about every year to 18 months, to ensure that their dental work is still operative and intact.

Are dental x-rays harmful?
Not only are dental x-rays incredibly safe, but receiving this treatment is far healthier than forgoing it. Our patients who receive regular dental x-rays are far more likely to catch problems before they become too large or serious and diagnose issues so that they can be treated promptly. The amount of radiation exposure is limited and follows the guidelines set forward by the FDA.

Will my cavities show up on an x-ray?
While x-rays are not a 100% foolproof method for catching cavities, they can certainly help our team to confirm their existence. If a cavity is large enough, it will be easy to spot on the imaging. However, smaller cavities can hide more easily, making the rest of your routine, preventative dental exams crucial to cavity treatment and prevention as well.

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